Welcome to my blog! My name is Kate and I am currently a high school senior. So what brought me into writing a blog? Over the year, I found life evolving around me in a funny (but fascinating) way. Yes, you’ve probably guessed it that there are many sad and happy moments but what does these so what called “moments” means anyway?  How does these “moments” made my high school year so special? Well, lets start from the beginning of this year. So it’s finally my last year in high school and it’s all about working hard and spending your valuable time with your friends.

Unfortunately, some, in fact many, spend it unconsciously hungover with their friends. I never understand their perspective of fun by getting drunk and waking up with embarrassing snap chat stories or some kind of accidental text message. But that wasn’t my case. Over the past couple months, my friends and I had have a couple of amusing events. Such as “Pride Day Festival” on October 1st which been an interestingly bonding occasion. We ate, laughed, and got high from the free concert under the rainy clouds.

A little later on October 27, 2016, I received a recognizable award for being the President of Health Career Club and the Communications Developer of Community Service Corps from my school. Then of course, there’s Halloween! I had a sleepover party and three of my close friends came over and we had a blast.

However, time after Halloween have gotten so much more complicated. More homework, tests and last but not least, argument between friends. It occurred that most of my friends are feeling insecure and less significant in part of the group. So conflicts started to happened and no one know where they truly stand. Who are the real friends? Who should be trusted? Who’s telling the truth? All these doubts came along shortly. There was never all these questioning before or at least not as much. Sometimes, it’s funny how one person can just walk out of your life because they met their significant other and out of the blues, blamed you for all their angers. But that part never bothered me too much since these things happened almost every day and everywhere. Which is probably why I managed to stay single until I’m ready for long lasting commitment.

Beside from all those situation, I mainly focused on school works and exploring the City of Brotherly Love. Two of my favorite hobbies that I haven’t mention yet will definitely be eating and taking pictures. Other than that, I love walking in Pennypack Creek. Sometime I just sit there quietly and listen to the sound of nature and the rapid movement of river flowing through the tunnel. My to do list mostly look like this:

-Wake up

-Go on Yelp

-Find the place

-Snap a picture

-Eat, Eat, Eat

-Walk until next meal

But honestly, what’s life without that little satisfying pleasure of happiness that excite you like a little kid all over again.



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