Memories and Labels

 Time is everything. If the time does not match within the moment that the event occurred in, your memories are false. It’s odd to say but our memories are not reliable. Memories are tend to be mixed with the subconscious and emotions.Your subconscious control your memories

As my evidence, take a moment and reflect on this. Sometime, we recognized and acknowledged something that you had never knew you know or learned because that’s your subconscious. 

Your mind and your subconscious need to connect because if not, mental health issues can take its place. 

Every emotions need to be labeled. However, our vocabulary could be very limited so that we may missed out many significant details. Which is also why the only person that can help ourself is ourself. Not our doctors. The doctor only know our physical problems, what we said or whatever appealed. 

We are cognitive to our perception.


When someone said that they don’t need to get married because it’s enough to just cherish the moment and love each other. Marriage is just a piece of paper in some’s knowledge.however, that’s not true due to the society because if you’re not labeled then your not in the position. The relationship is not identified. When there is no label of “husband and wife”, they could not do most things that “husband and wife” do appropriately. The responsibility is different. Things that occur in between may be inappropriate in reality. We may find ourself questioning and have an attitude such as “you’re not my mother in law, why would I do everything for you.” and other thoughts. However, then on the other side, you feel bad. Just as how an employee doing the manager’s job. Even if the the employee is qualified, other people may still not listen to you or think of you as in a higher position because of your label. That’s why many people in world crave power. There are desires, greediness and obsession. They’re temporary or feigned. Once the minute passed, it does not existence anymore. When reality is not accepted, we strive to change things that are not meant to be. That will not only affects one things, there is a process followed up with that. The society is the follow up. You can probably see now that the society keep building more and more unnecessaries. Originally, you just want one candy. Overtime, things keep adding and adding on and soon you’ll forget what you wanted in the first place. And that’s when we get lost. 
You can never change the ecosystem. For example, you first wanted to have a happy family so you went to earn money and you work so hard and for so long and you want more and more. Distractions are one of human’s biggest weakness and beginner to mistakes. Overtime, the real goal is faded. Families does not matter as much as it does before you started the desire with money. Things faded and it is almost impossible to take it back. So then, we are lost in the void without purpose without meaning and without self love.


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