Here we go again

Photographer: Kate Chan

The evolving process is another repeating and long ongoing cycle, and yes it’s like a circle as how people like to describe it.

Don’t you just at some point have that little moment where you just perceived that we are in the process of that circle where we are going backward and somehow back to the origin? Or maybe one day the technology we made will disfavor or perhaps, betray us? Abstractedly, similar situations are occurring such as robots doing up our jobs but at the same time they still benefit us. But in another scenario, well perhaps not too far away, technology may be the reason why human extinct. Well in facts, when I went to an Amish community, I realized one huge significant difference. It’s the absence of high tech equipment. Suprisingly, that relaxes me. It’s a part where they don’t depend on machines and I think is is very peaceful in the way they live. They never encourage or believe in technology. They believe and comprehend in human being itself.

Therefore, the less the more.


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