Photographer: Kate Chan

We wake up everyday following the social norms, doing what everyone does, going to the same places, and seeing the same people but often forgetting that we don’t necessarily have all the time in the world. Let’s just say you are currently 18 years old. How much longer do you expect to live until after you’ve graduated from your masters or your PhD? The answer varies but I can tell you, not much. My goal is not to correspond in a straightforward pessimistic voice. Many of us notice that this is happening and don’t want to be stuck.

We are worried about being judged but we want to strive for our best interest. We want to move but we’re stuck. I want to move but I’m stuck. There is so much I want to achieve whether it is for the sake of my present or future. Just last night, my friend asked me “What is your main regret?” I couldn’t think of anything. For a moment, I thought that was a good thing but then I realized that the reason I don’t regret much is because I haven’t done anything where I can say “I took that risk and I failed but that’s okay.” Over the period of time during this thanksgiving break, I spent so much time thinking and talking to new and old friends. I did not distinguish these so called occurrences.

I feel like it could be as simple as taking a moment deliberate all the simple acts we incorporate into our everyday life to become a happier person and not just a “socially successful person.”

Another thing is that you don’t need to know that person your whole life in order to find closure. We are all social creatures, we’re here together. “There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met.” – William Butler Yeats


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