To be or not to be.

                                                                                       Photographer: Ashley Burgoon

You want them, you go get them. 

They’re in the way, walk around.

You dreamt it, you go achieve it. 

You choose it, you don’t avoid it.

You sleep through it or you live through it.


                                                                                                             Photographer: Kate Chan

Life tends to become diminutive and inadequate while we strive forward to the future.  


                                                                                                      Photographer: Kate Chan

What if money never existed. 

What if love and motivation are our currency. 

What if we are not just about succession.

What if all we have is the very limit itself. 

What would the world be like from now and then

Memories and Labels

 Time is everything. If the time does not match within the moment that the event occurred in, your memories are false. It’s odd to say but our memories are not reliable. Memories are tend to be mixed with the subconscious and emotions.Your subconscious control your memories

As my evidence, take a moment and reflect on this. Sometime, we recognized and acknowledged something that you had never knew you know or learned because that’s your subconscious. 

Your mind and your subconscious need to connect because if not, mental health issues can take its place. 

Every emotions need to be labeled. However, our vocabulary could be very limited so that we may missed out many significant details. Which is also why the only person that can help ourself is ourself. Not our doctors. The doctor only know our physical problems, what we said or whatever appealed. 

We are cognitive to our perception.


When someone said that they don’t need to get married because it’s enough to just cherish the moment and love each other. Marriage is just a piece of paper in some’s knowledge.however, that’s not true due to the society because if you’re not labeled then your not in the position. The relationship is not identified. When there is no label of “husband and wife”, they could not do most things that “husband and wife” do appropriately. The responsibility is different. Things that occur in between may be inappropriate in reality. We may find ourself questioning and have an attitude such as “you’re not my mother in law, why would I do everything for you.” and other thoughts. However, then on the other side, you feel bad. Just as how an employee doing the manager’s job. Even if the the employee is qualified, other people may still not listen to you or think of you as in a higher position because of your label. That’s why many people in world crave power. There are desires, greediness and obsession. They’re temporary or feigned. Once the minute passed, it does not existence anymore. When reality is not accepted, we strive to change things that are not meant to be. That will not only affects one things, there is a process followed up with that. The society is the follow up. You can probably see now that the society keep building more and more unnecessaries. Originally, you just want one candy. Overtime, things keep adding and adding on and soon you’ll forget what you wanted in the first place. And that’s when we get lost. 
You can never change the ecosystem. For example, you first wanted to have a happy family so you went to earn money and you work so hard and for so long and you want more and more. Distractions are one of human’s biggest weakness and beginner to mistakes. Overtime, the real goal is faded. Families does not matter as much as it does before you started the desire with money. Things faded and it is almost impossible to take it back. So then, we are lost in the void without purpose without meaning and without self love.


Once again, here goes another year in just a blink. It’s hard to acknowledge that 2016 is already over. Some may think that 2016 was the known to be the most dreadful year. Undoubtedly, 2016 will definitely go down in history as a popular topic for politicals and celebrities. But then, there are those who loved 2016. I, however, am in between of both of the above. I considered myself as having a pretty decent and lovely year. Moreover, I am most certainly enthusiastic about the upcoming year, 2017!

December 25, 2015

 It was winter break, my mom and I drove to Baltimore and stayed there from Christmas night until New Year Day. We still remember that Christmas night where almost everything is closed. We was so hungry and searched all over the city for foods for hours. Luckily, we found a small Italian restaurant that is about to close so we rushed in and ordered some fried chickens and a large pizza. Then the next couple days, we went to Fell Point, the National Aquarium and others. Best part for me was all the $1 oysters. I am absolutely in love with them!! They are located in the same street as Thames Street Oyster House and Riptide by the Bay which is the two restaurants that we went to during our trip.

January 23, 2016


On January 2016, there was a major blizzard around the Mid- Atlantic and Northeast United States. But the blizzard turned out to be a blast for me and my family even with all those shoveling! In Philadelphia, we had around 3 feet of snow and my dog (Baby) love it so much that she want to go out every hour!

January 30, 2016 


Winter Formal from Junior year with my best friends. We all have that little party animal on the inside when it comes to these type of events.

February 7, 2016

Chinese Autumn Festival! The three friends above are my good friends that are studying aboard and away from their hometown. While I also celebrate the same tradition, why not celebrate it together! We made homemade dumpling and stuffed by moon cakes.

February 14, 2016


Valentine’s Day Party! It is sad to admit that we’re all single but I wouldn’t trade this day for any other boys. We all got each other and what more could you wish for?!

March 11, 2016


Morning walk with my friend and shortly after, I went to New York City for absolutely no reason.

March 26, 2016

Spring at New Hope! Lovely little town that have a bridge that connected Pennsylvania to New Jersey.

April 1, 2016

Prom!! It’s somewhat odd that it is on April fool day. But it was super fun especially the after party! The exhaustion came from couldn’t find a way home until 4am. The day after prom, I went to Baltimore again because I can’t get that delicious oyster out of my mind!

April 9, 2016

Doing Community Service with my best friend! It was such an experience to work with the disabilities and the needy. Would love to go again! If you see Hand to Hand, go volunteer!!! You’ll love it if you love helping others!

April 10, 2016

Since I’ve wasted about 10 years in New York City, I would really like to know my hometown more. So I went down and tried  the most trendiest foods I found from Instagram. If there’s any question about the place I went to, feel free to ask me through the comment section or personally contact me! I’m more than happy to answer them!

April 16, 2016

My cousin from Hong Kong came to Philly and visited me so I decided why not invite a couple friends over to surprise her! Then the next day, of course, I brought her to Baltimore to try my favorite seafoods!

April 28, 2016

Ring Mass!!!!!

May 1, 2016

Concert in the rainy day!

May 7, 2016

Food trucks festival on South Street!

May 11, 2016

School’s Spring Festival with my favorite violinists! We have this every year and this is my second year performing since I started in the beginning of sophomore year. Being a part of Orchestra is such a breathtaking experience! It’s so much fun and best of all I learned how to play one of the hardest instrument!

May 15, 2016

First time going to bowling after years and years ago. Turn out that I wasn’t that bad at all in sport! I have literally no talent or whatsoever in sport. I can’t hit a baseball with my bat, I can’t kick the soccer ball, I choke on pool water and whatever else you can think of, it probably happened. But bowling was super fun and we went to Downtown to grab a bite after all those workouts!  

May 20, 2016

Spend a day around Rittenhouse Square with scenery. Love it there! It is a very open and comfortable area to hang out or just to take a walk in.

May 22,2016

You’re probably thinking that we’re a big baby but hey you’re not wrong! If sometime look fun, go do it! It’s doesn’t matter how old you are (as long as it’s legal)! Beside, there wasn’t even that much kids. Kids nowday like to stay home with their Xbox and never leaving the house. It’s pretty common. So for those who love fun, grab your friends and go for it!

May 27, 2016 

Spend a day with my favorite photographer in downtown. Had an amazing photo shoot in the steamy hot day.

May 29, 2016

Jim Thorpe was the most beautiful places I’ve been to so far. It was surrounded with hill, mountains and greens. You’ll see many people swimming and hiking. Inside the rocky mountain, you will see so many waterfall. NATURE LOVER ALERT!!!!

June 4, 2016 

What’s better than having some tasty dragon bun’s juice melt in your mouth when you’re hungry?! It’s one of my favorite Chinese food! After eating my meal, I saw these really trendy garden-like dessert on instagram so the first thing in mind is that I have got to try it!!! It is so cute and creative. The one I had taste so goooooood! Warm in the inside and cold on the top with mixed some berries. Mmmm. At night, there’s a Chinese Latern Festival in Franklin Square Park. Everything was light  up and put in place so beautifully. It wasn’t as big as I thought but there was a lots of people visiting because of the cultures involved in it.

June 5, 2016

That was a sad but fun type of day. So, we was supposedly be super excited for our summer jams concert but then when we got there, it was cancelled!!! Neither of us knew but the others got notified. So we was kind of lost because well, what can we do now. After we stand there by the gate for about 10 minutes, we started to walk to places so we went to somewhere around 2nd street. We had a little photoshoot and that was really fun. And my friend got to try bubble tea at a really adorable cafe!!

June 11, 2016

TWENTY ONE PILOT CONCERT!!!!!! That was one of the best concert I’ve been to!! Since I created an obsession for myself with Twenty One Pilot, I was about to just explode when I heard that there’s a concert in town. So I grab my friend and hit the road and we danced like crazy. Although, my friend are not too familiar with them, we still had a great time.

That’s the end of the school year! Next post, “Summer Time” !!!!


Welcome to my blog! My name is Kate and I am currently a high school senior. So what brought me into writing a blog? Over the year, I found life evolving around me in a funny (but fascinating) way. Yes, you’ve probably guessed it that there are many sad and happy moments but what does these so what called “moments” means anyway?  How does these “moments” made my high school year so special? Well, lets start from the beginning of this year. So it’s finally my last year in high school and it’s all about working hard and spending your valuable time with your friends.

Unfortunately, some, in fact many, spend it unconsciously hungover with their friends. I never understand their perspective of fun by getting drunk and waking up with embarrassing snap chat stories or some kind of accidental text message. But that wasn’t my case. Over the past couple months, my friends and I had have a couple of amusing events. Such as “Pride Day Festival” on October 1st which been an interestingly bonding occasion. We ate, laughed, and got high from the free concert under the rainy clouds.

A little later on October 27, 2016, I received a recognizable award for being the President of Health Career Club and the Communications Developer of Community Service Corps from my school. Then of course, there’s Halloween! I had a sleepover party and three of my close friends came over and we had a blast.

However, time after Halloween have gotten so much more complicated. More homework, tests and last but not least, argument between friends. It occurred that most of my friends are feeling insecure and less significant in part of the group. So conflicts started to happened and no one know where they truly stand. Who are the real friends? Who should be trusted? Who’s telling the truth? All these doubts came along shortly. There was never all these questioning before or at least not as much. Sometimes, it’s funny how one person can just walk out of your life because they met their significant other and out of the blues, blamed you for all their angers. But that part never bothered me too much since these things happened almost every day and everywhere. Which is probably why I managed to stay single until I’m ready for long lasting commitment.

Beside from all those situation, I mainly focused on school works and exploring the City of Brotherly Love. Two of my favorite hobbies that I haven’t mention yet will definitely be eating and taking pictures. Other than that, I love walking in Pennypack Creek. Sometime I just sit there quietly and listen to the sound of nature and the rapid movement of river flowing through the tunnel. My to do list mostly look like this:

-Wake up

-Go on Yelp

-Find the place

-Snap a picture

-Eat, Eat, Eat

-Walk until next meal

But honestly, what’s life without that little satisfying pleasure of happiness that excite you like a little kid all over again.