Photographer: Kate Chan

People asked often asked “Why are artists never happy?”. 

Our minds are beautiful but yet it’s an encumbrance. Artists tend to favor on perfectionism and being their own personal critic. It rather be straight up advantageous or plain affliction 

Therefore in which the situation, some artists come to an consistent rule to self of

Constantly trying to endeavor an fulfillment

Constantly trying to fill the hole that is presently full

Constantly trying to be better and provision competitive reasoning

And constantly pursuing the impossible because one cannot be truly happy if we continuously strive for the best and foremost 

Here we go again

Photographer: Kate Chan

The evolving process is another repeating and long ongoing cycle, and yes it’s like a circle as how people like to describe it.

Don’t you just at some point have that little moment where you just perceived that we are in the process of that circle where we are going backward and somehow back to the origin? Or maybe one day the technology we made will betray or disfavor us? Abstractedly, similar situations are occurring such as robots doing up our jobs but at the same time they still benefit us. But in another scenario, well perhaps not too far away, technology may be the reason why human extinct. Well in facts, when I went to an Amish community, I realized one huge significant difference. It’s the absence of high tech equipment. Suprisingly, that relaxes me. It’s a part where they don’t depend on machines and I think is is very peaceful in the way they live. They never encourage or believe in technology. They believe and comprehend in human being itself.

Therefore, the less the more.



                                                                                                         Photographer: Trent Zarli

“I’ve always been so concentrated and in envy in material goods such as rather I’m going to prom or not, my not so trendy appearances, or others. But then I realized that I am happier than ever because I have one of the things that most people can’t buy with money, friendships”


                                                                                                     Photographer: Kate Chan

  “Why do we measure from 1 to 100 when we should be reaching the infinities?” 

When Do We Become An Adult


As an aspect of our society, many people believe that we are an official adult when we reached to the age of eighteen or twenty one. Yes, we are able to speak freely, make our own choices and do things that we cannot do as a kid. However, we may only be biologically and legally known as an adult instead of actually being mentally mature enough to handle responsibilities as one. One can be young, but have a sophisticated mindset while others can be older and have a naive mindset.

Psychologist Carol Dweckis interpret the word mindset as “a self-perception or “self-theory” that people hold about themselves.” If one know what’s right and wrong, they simply conquer the first step of acknowledgement as the base of being an adult. As a child, we have all the time in the world to explore and to develop our imagination harmlessly. As Roman Payne quotes:

“Wandering is the activity of the child, the passion of the genius; it is the discovery of the self, the discovery of the outside world, and the learning of how the self is both ‘at one with’ and ‘separate from’ the outside world. These discoveries are as fundamental to the soul as ‘learning to survive’ is fundamental to the body…To wander is to be alive.”

Our childhood is a very important process for our transition to adulthood because it is the process in which our personalities and mentalities form from. Also, it is a very attentive stage of life. In particular, kids commonly pick up various details and learn from things that we do, whether we intend it or not. For example, a young girl saw an adult helping an elderly that is in needs and the next day, she saw an older man having trouble crossing the street so she kindly insists to help him. That was an example of a sense of taking care of others.

Most importantly, we flourish from our childhood experiences. Generally, begin an adult are determined by just what we are allowed to do instead of what we are capable of doing. Everyone’s experience is different and individually unique. Adulthood are often consists of many different aspects and it is most certainly not an easy part of life. A person may notice that many skills will begin to come into play as we built on the role of being morally responsible. Those skills included the basic decision making, trust, time management, understanding and many more.

As we begin to go into adulthood, we began to give contribution to the society. We would devote to people inside and outside of our safe zone. We start off by taking care of our family we was born in then to creating our own family. Building a family require unconditional love and a very personal sacrifice of time and freedom. As a matter of fact, we would come to realize what’s important in our life and how to take situations seriously. Our choices are likely to be guided by the values in which we are committed to and how that reflect a reasonable process that leads to your decisions.

To put it in perspective, an individual will come to realize the importance of other people. Most likely, we would recite on what people with more experiences had told us and take their advice. At that point, facing the reality and facts could become a priority. We held an awareness of how our hard work took effect. There might be times when a person regret spending years doing nothing productive. Therefore, a mature adult would try to make up for it or change up their lifestyle for goods.  It is the time that we learned to maintain the balance between good and bad time.

As you may already know, each person has the right to be in complete control of their own life. Hence, every decision we’ve made are held upon us. In a level, we have no one to truly rely on because we are the one that we should be depending on. Furthermore, being able to work independently is a must. It help us to avoid having fear and take risks to new things. Knowing what we need and want can helps us to provide a solution for when we face a problem. For example, when an international student came to the United States, he or she learns to adapt to a complete new lifestyle based off of their decisions and existing skills. Letting others alter your dependence.

In conclusion, there is no precise timing of when we actually become an adult. It is the matter of how we grow into that role. Furthermore, adulthood is mainly the capability to live independently in a responsible way. It’s become the stage when we learn from our mistakes while cultivating into our new life. We may also find people often quoting “Failure is the first step towards success”. The milestone of a child going into adulthood is a huge step, especially when it means facing the society in a mature mindset.


                                                                                                                                   Photographer: Raman Chan

Fantasy is just another inaccurately state of reality.